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There will always be disease, always be sickness, always be pain and fear and violence. As long as there are minds and souls to be terrorized, there will be terrorists. This week has no doubt left many of us feeling upset and confused, myself included. What is the purpose of such self-destruction? Why do we do this to ourselves? I am finding condolence in the simple concept that the only reason for pure hatred, is to provide love a chance to overcome it. And we will overcome it, I maintain my faith. We are our own greatest enemies, but I firmly believe that we all share a deep need to come together, overcoming all barriers, in mutual celebration of the funky poly-rhythms of life. Can you tell it’s late and I’ve been sipping mezcal? Lots of good music for you today, accompanied by a kickass photo by Michael Christopher Brown – check him out.

Leisure :       Got It Bad &       All Over You

Equal :       Shakedown ft. Seja

Chaka Khan :       I Know You

The Rhythm Makers :       Soul On Your Side (Personify's Boogie Edit)

Linda Clifford :       Don't Give It Up (Buzz Compass Edit)

Janet Jackson :       Say U Love Me (LNTG Rework)

Anderson Paak :       Am I Wrong ft. Schoolboy Q

Hayden James :       Something About You

Kutiman :       Inner Galactic Lovers (Obas Nenor Remix)

Oh Wonder :       Lose It

Coma :       Lora

Bob Moses :       Before I Fall


  • Alex

    Good to see you back and what looks like some serious tunes! bSadly since the brief disappearance the player times out and the site takes forever to load. Thought you should know. Cheers for all your work, Alex

  • Stack

    I want to be Overpowered by Funk soooo Bad, But I having some buffering issues. It buffs for like, ever….. Is it all good on your end?
    As always thank you t

  • Alex

    Hi there, Am I the only person having problems with the site, slow loading and time outs on the player. I’m missing my Mixtape fix, such a great blog!

  • ChuckWild

    Sorry guys! Our host was updating its server so we were temporarily down. Let me know if problems persist.

  • Alex

    Thanks for sorting the buffering stuff!

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