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I’m busy back in the Los Angeles hustle, but I wanted to sneak in a couple handfuls worth of new music acquisitions. What ties these songs together today? Not a lot, except that there’s a bit more Brazilian sauce in the mix. Some older tunes that snuck through the cracks, some new material for the dancefloor, everything with a solid groove to keep you in boogie mode through the weekend.

Biggabush :       Ilu Baje

Tim Maia :       Vou Com Gás &       Terapêutica do Grito

Hot Chip :       Easy To Get

Spoon :       Was It You (Home Demo)

Souleance :       Ratatouille

Nod One’s Head :       Secret Love (Extended Mix)

Flume :       Never Be Like You ft. Kai (Disclosure Remix)

Nora En Pure :       True

Rhythm Staircase :       Ritual

Sonzeira :       Bam Bam Bam ft. Seu Jorge & Giovanca

Céu :       A Nave Vai &       Sangria

  • Wytse

    Céu’s ‘Sangria’ is mesmerizing, thank you for this selection Charlie!

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