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Working Out The Kinks


So the yahoo audio player that I’ve been using for 7 years on this site, finally kicked the dust. Time to switch things up a bit. I’ve managed to install something new that can at least catch all my old embedded MP3 links and keep them available to you, but I may switch to some form of embedded playlist (like the one below) moving forward in order to keep playback continuous (without automatically starting playback when the page opens). Please feel free to chime in on the comments with any thoughts/ideas you may have. Do you prefer a playlist like this, or the old style of individual songs with comments (even if it means no continuous playback)? Bunch of new goodies for you here today…

  • Greg

    Definitely prefer the playlist! It sucks to get up after every song and click on the next one :(

  • kidcastro

    I like this, easy to use…straight forward.
    Thanks for all you do!

  • Wytse

    Really like the embedded playlist, hope you integrate your comments on the individual songs in the main text since I always like reading those. Looking forward to the next post!

  • ddsxl

    I agree with all of the above, would love to keep seeing the short song comments somehow

  • carlos

    yo prefiero la formula de antes.
    song ,play and comments.
    la playlist sin your comments es aburrida, mas de lo mismo, impersonal.

  • Joseph

    Honestly, I appreciated the individual downloads because that style of post allowed me to cop all the MP3s at once. I also really appreciated reading the little stories of how you connected with each song.

  • Justin

    New player is great! I really look forward to your comments on each song. Thank you for keeping my iPod happy. It’s the best gift.

  • Bneja

    as always, thanks for all ghe great music I found through your blog!
    as for the format, I personally love the links right there in the text, so I can download them easily (using downthemall, for example), rename and tag them as I like (using krename, for example, and a batch tag tool) and listen to them on the go. that’s just how I usually check out fresh music, on the go.
    having to do the clicks for every song… is tedious. I did that before I figured out the programs, and I certainly don’t want to go back :)
    and I like the annotations, of course!
    just my thoughts.
    looking forward to the coming posts, and the album with chico man of course! :)

  • nomad12

    Thanks for all the Good Music! I guess that old player had it all. I like the comments with the tracks, but I think the continuous playback is key, unless you can figure out a way to make a combined track download for each post (was I missing that before, or was that only w/ 3rd party programs)? Anyways, thanks again, and what ever you work out, your time and effort to share all this great music is much appreciated.

  • anita

    thank you for sharing this post
    I’m happy to discover and follow your blog

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