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Mixtape Riot Radio #14


Back with a new episode of MTR Radio for BrooklynRadio.com. As always, fresh eclectic soulful sounds from near and far. The mix starts off with some mellower material from Jamie Woon & Miguel, then picks up the pace midway with funky dancefloor material from Psychemagik, JKriv & Bonobo, before bringing it all the way back down with the latest from Anderson .Paak & Bibio. A lot of familiar material for you regular readers, but there’s a few in here that you probably haven’t heard yet, plus you get to hear me yap a bit.

For the full tracklist as well as a link to download the mix, proceed to the BrooklynRadio page, and while you’re there, be sure to check out any past episodes you may have missed along with some of the other great shows on the site.

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