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Understanding the Understated


After a highly refreshing getaway to Palm Springs with my lady over the weekend, I feel fully equipped to dive head first into the very busy work week ahead (making an album is hard work). But first, let’s set things up properly with an inspiring soundtrack of new acquisitions. As per usual, I have shameless stolen many of these selections from other DJ mixes I listened to over the past couple of weeks. But something tells me you aren’t mad about it. Shout out to Mr. Assin for putting me on to the hypnotic slow building grooves of Umoja. This guy seems to have mastered the understated with a patience that I find almost impossible to bring to my own work. The new album from Kaytranada very well might be one of my favorites to come out this year, super solid start to finish. Other tunes this week include some mellow non-dancefloor house business and some really chilled out soulful sounds from Mop Mop and the forever dope harp queen Dorothy Ashby. Shout out to LA WEEKLY for the great feature today on Brit Manor who’s mini-album (which I produced) drops Friday, so stoked for that!

  • surian

    Great playlist! peace.

  • Dangerscouse

    Lovin these tunes. Kaytranada is a big fav of mine too. Also really enjoying Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band’s ’55’; funk, soul and steel drums, (what else do you need??!!) and Joe Driscoll & Sekou Kouyate’s ‘Monistic Theory’ even better than the excellent Faya. Pure African joy in this one.

  • epecavu

    stoły do tenisa

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