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I know I know! It’s been way too long. I’m sorry guys, life has been getting the better of me lately. Grinding on this new album with Chico Mann (yes, a full collabo album and it’s very exciting) has taken all of my waking hours which remain outside of my increasingly busy DJ schedule. I just returned from a little east coast run which included a dope Brooklyn party with Aaron DRM and a super fun, Brazil-centric bash in Montreal with the Tupi Collective (thus the slight lean towards Brazilian sounds today). Other selections today include new heat from my man Thornato’s new EP (get it!!!) and some heavy African digs as well as a couple picks from the new Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band album (top notch). Artwork above comes from the vibrant mind of Hassan Hajjaj, check him out.

  • Johnny Cabbage

    Quality selection, as always. Got a house party to do tomorrow night, you can be sure some of these tunes will get a spin. One love.

  • Ross

    Cheers, Charlie – Have all previous ones on rotation for my commute in Dublin!

  • Justin

    Hey Chuck,

    No need to worry about how often you update.

    Keep creating and I’ll keep downloading!

    When are you coming back to San Francisco? I missed you by three blocks last time.

  • Jake

    Great tunes again Charlie!

  • Dawn

    Thanks so much for all the music. I sometimes feel like giving back… so, just wondering if you have come accross Mikael Seifu, probably yes, but I just love what he is doing with his native Ethiopean music. My favourite song is Yarada lij

  • Dawn

    Also please take a listen to this shockingly good, unbelievably full of surprises, remix: Bola – Makamiba remixed into an absolute trip by Anzano and Palermo. Its on Awesome Tapes from Africa soundcloud page.

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