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Como Me Miras


I know, I make a lot of music, but this right here is something special. I mean, I don’t typically like to toot my own horn, but can I just say SUMMER ANTHEM ALERT! “Como Me Miras” is the first single from my upcoming collaboration album with Chico Mann, and it premiered today on Wax Poetics. We’ve had some success in the past working on tracks over the internet, but for the past 3 months we’ve been together in the studio almost every day making what I believe will be a really solid and unique album. We just tried to combine all the things we both love most in music, pushing each other a bit out of our comfort zones, and having fun while we do it. The goal on this tune was to provide the soundtrack to Summer’s BBQ’s, pool parties, and beach hangs. I hope it works for you! Press play and please spread the vibes

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