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Summer Red Hot


Yes indeed, the concrete is burning bare feet here in California as the full moon ushers in Summer ’16. Heatwave was in full effect on Saturday night as I made my DJ debut at the local monthly tribal ritual that is Calentura. This party combines the deep rooted love of afro-latin beats, live percussion, and tropical temperament of Subsuelo, with the heavy electronic edge, bouncy twerkiness, and forward thinking musical sensibility of the Late Night Laggers crew. With their powers combines (along with official support from legendary Fania Records), what goes down is something altogether dope. Anyway, that set got me in the mood to share some of the heavier bangers I’ve been dropping lately. Heat on top of heat today from Kafu Banton, Johnny Roxx, Major Lazer, Jus Now, Toddla T, Branko, Djemba Djemba and more. Stay tuned because my full remix EP for Fania drops this Friday!!!

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