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It’s that awesome time of year again when we get to celebrate ancient pagan rituals under the guise of remembering Christian saints, and for most people this translates as just an excuse to expose their inner freak publicly under the protection of masquerade. It’s always been one of my favorite holidays, partly for the shared creativity of coming up with costumes, and partly because I get to play “Thriller” again. Really excited about going up to Nevada City this Friday for a massive bash with my brother-in-beats DJ Nadi, anyone in Nor-Cal looking to rage should meet us there. Then I’ll be back in LA on Sat for my regular grimey get down at The Virgil. I don’t know if I’ll be looking as badass as the homie pictured above, but I hope someone on the dancefloor is! The pic is taken from this great collection “Wilder Mann” by Charles Freger, check it out.

P.S. – not sure why I lost the playlist function, I’m going to try to get that fixed for the next post.

A.R. Rahman ft. Sid Sriram, Sanahmoidutty, Jonita Gandhi :       Mei Nigara

Roosevelt :       Moving On

Pomrad :       Out Like A Light ft. Billie

B.B. & Q. Band :       Dreamer (Kartell Rework)

Jungle :       Julia (Soulwax Remix)

Peligrosa :       Santa Marta (DJ Shades Remix)

Boiler :       Ipanema

Sofi Tukker :       Drinkee (Addal Remix)

Africaine 808 :       Language Of The Bass

Kllo :       Bolide

Jamie Lidell :       Building A Beginning

  • Lee

    this playlist format is wayyyy better. just sayin.

  • Jon

    WOW DUDE! Straight fire all the way through! Thanks so much for being the tastemaker that you are.

  • Chuck Wild

    Hey Lee, curious why you think that? The main reason I switched to the other format is because I heard from multiple readers that they like to be able to press play and let the whole page play through (not possible with individual song links like this). You don’t lose the ability to play a particular song or download with the other playlist, so what’s the drawback for you?

  • Justin

    I’m with Lee. I attribute this to my ADHD. I only listen to the first 8 to 10 seconds. If I like it I DL it to my iPod. This format allows me to get off your website a lot quicker. Please keep posting and I’ll keep listening.

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