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Guest Selector: DJ NADI


Big batch of heaters today from fellow globetrotter, sonic explorer, and perpetual party stimulator: DJ NADI. I first met this man about 4 years back when he invited me to come out to Maui for a couple parties he was putting together. He’s been steady at it ever since. You can catch him these days regularly in Nevada City where he keeps the restless natives bouncing to tropical bass cuts like the ones below. I sprinkled in 2 of my own selections, only because they seemed to fit perfectly. For all my fellow Americans out there, may these songs help you keep the stress levels low and stay focussed on making some meaningful changes on election day in less than a week! Tell a friend to tell a friend to tell a friend, votes count…

  • J Doe

    really feelin this pull for some reason…

  • surian

    So much heat, thanks for sharing!

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