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Guest Mix: You’re Welcome


The past week has been an emotionally taxing stew of anxiety, anger and despair here in the USA. I think most of the people close to me, who also reside primarily in the liberal coastal bubbles, have been smacked in the face by the successful fruition of one of the most despicable presidential campaigns imaginable. I am encouraged to see so many people taking to the streets to speak up. I’m personally using the wild energy in the air to re-focus and re-purpose my own place in this country, fired up to continue the work that I know I need to be doing. With all that said, I have what I often believe is some of the best medicine available: beautiful music.

Today I’m happy to present a 90min guest mix from my homegirl in Manila, Miss Badkiss. It’s a top notch selection of funky, mid-tempo, left-field joints that can keep you dancing or help you relax (even during this hectic moment in history). Impeccably mixed and recorded live at her monthly party “You’re Welcome” in Manila, which she shares with DJ Emel and other local guests, the set is a deep dive into a “rolling balearic vibe”, as she calls it. In her words: “we like keeping a slower than average pace at You’re Welcome. even at peak time around 6am we’d still prefer playing below 120bpm. Keep an ear out for more of her mixes on mixcloud and catch her live, spreading the sonic medicine regularly in Manila. Stream below, or download the full mix here.


Twilight (Maze) – Bing Ji Ling
Serotonin (Umoja Remix) – Oby Nine
In the dark of the night – Michiocan
Familiar Strangers (Night) – Bison
Atlanta – Fabror Resande Mac
Cori – Andi Hanley
Ohana – Studio Paradiso
Herats and Soul – Robert Owens
Ostatni Kurs (Das Komplex Remix) – Ptaki
Underlined – Atjazz
Time – Sam Irl
Ceylons Aland – Acid Hamam
Poem of darkness – la funk mob
Undertow – Pop District
Street Justice – The Rake
Beat Street- Grandmaster Flasj & Melle Mel
Burt – Andi Hanley
Sensaatio – Jaakko Eino Kalevi
Peace Makers – MARR, Markus
la fusion – Cro Magnon
Nairobi Funk – AGRARIO, Frank
People’s Palace (Devotion) – A Band called Flash

  • Dangerscouse

    Lovin this mix, some gems going on here. If you haven’t heard it already you’ve got to get ‘Spoiler’ by Baloji on the Bella Union label. It’s funky hi-life hip-hop….so what more could you want!?!?

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