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As this brutal and insane year is approaching it’s end, I’m managing to find peace of mind in the confident belief that January 1 will present a much needed new beginning. Sure, I’m slightly terrified that Trump will start nuclear war with the Russians, but I have a baby on the way and an album that’s going to finally come out so I have to trust that love will prevail and the much needed colorful art that keeps me & my friends nourished will continue to do so. I’ll try to put together another proper episode of MTR Radio to highlight some of my favorite records from the past 12 months, but for today, just an overdue dosage of good things I’ve been listening to- mostly not on the dancefloor tip (although I snuck in a couple of full-on bangers). Artwork above comes from my mellow my man Jules Olitski.

  • NewLife

    Whaaaaaaat? Ciongrats and welcome to the fatherhood.

  • Dawn

    I’m just listening to the first track now and I’m loving the vibe. Congratulations on your new little life… And just wanted to say, don’t stress about the other stuff. I don’t want to unvalidate your concern, but … here in South African we have a president that nobody likes or wants and yes also has all sorts of stuff going on with Russians, but that isn’t stopping us from living our expansion of life without fear. Fear gives others power. Keep your power for you and the great things you’re doing. Love to you and happy Christmas XXX

  • Dawn

    Here’s some inspiration to you regarding all this

  • Dawn

    Gosh I didn’t think the link would come up so big!! Didn’t mean to hijack your post!

  • Jon

    Congratulations on the baby coming man! Definitely a fantastic way to start the new year and a new beginning (w/ the new Jamie Lidell song in my head).

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