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Oye Bien

Today I’m very happy to share this new single from my upcoming full-length collabo album with Chico Mann. “Oye Bien” is one of my favorite songs on the record, with a mixture of Talking Heads synths, Tony Allen drum patterns, and classic pleading vocals that call to mind Ismael Rivera. We’ve been anxiously sitting on this album since Summer, but now we are finally ready to start unleashing the goodies. You can expect a whole lot more of our trademark blend of Afro-Latin rhythms, contemporary funk, Caribbean dancehall, and forward thinking electronic beats, on the album “Night Visions” which will be dropping on Bastard Jazz Recordings in Feb. 2017. For now, press play and take a trip down a moonlit jungle path, surrounded by birds that have a message for you- listen closely! BIG UP to Redbull Panamerika for giving us a great premier and write-up today. If you dig it, please support.

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