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Inhale Exhale

Getting back in the swing of things a bit, as 24-hour diaper duty transforms into a cyclical rhythm. I’ve gotta admit I’ve been a bit absent from catching the latest releases, but I’ve managed to snag a few things here and there. Some new era funky stuff to share with you all today, plus a couple non-commercial hip hop joints that are a nice break from the un-danceable new mumble-trap that is dominating top 40 hip hop airwaves these days. I’ve also included a touch of disco and finished off the set with some trippy mellow heartstring material. I hope you dig! For those of you in the LA area, mark your calendars: next Thursday is the proper album release party for “Night Visions” at El Dorado downtown. I’ll be performing live again with Chico Mann, good times guaranteed. Artwork today comes courtesy of Gerhardt Richter, check him out.


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    This Selection is brilliant! Thx a lot from Zurich.

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