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It’s All A Blur

Time was once a friend of mine. We’d spend the afternoon skateboarding in the grocery store parking lot, practicing a single trick on a curb for an entire afternoon- fully contented with our day’s efforts. We used to go for long bike rides through the city to the beach, headphones on, music loud, not a care in the world. Time and me would stay up late, then sleep in later. We’d move at a comfortable pace from season to season, watching clouds drift and leaves blow, thinking big rambling thoughts in circles, feeling quite alright without coming to a definitive conclusion.

But oh how things have changed. My old friend time is not the same. These days I’m chasing fragments of thoughts as they flee from looming concrete demands that will not compromise. With time no longer on my team, the daydreams become to-do lists, and the lists are endless. I’m trying to figure out a way to patch things up, I still believe it’s possible, but without time the map is blurry.

From this frazzled state, in desperate need of peace of mind, it’s my oldest homie Music who keeps reminding me that there is hope. That time isn’t mad at me afterall, just busy with his own meanderings, while I’m the one who’s changed. Music still gets me high in 3 minute doses, showing me possible worlds that have yet to be explored. Now more than ever, each effective song is precious. And today’s selection are effective indeed! Very cool flag/blanket above comes courtesy of Nacho Becerra.

  • Jon

    Man, this entry hit me right in the feels. Been a fan for years, keep up the good work!

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