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Offering To The Altar

Ok ok, so after my last playlist it became pretty clear that more than a few of you are really thirsty for more funk and soul… I hear you loud and clear, but today is not your day, sorry. Soon enough, because I have heaps more where those soulful gems came from. Instead, I’m getting super psyched for my Saturday night set at Beloved Festival way up in Oregon this weekend. I have never been, but I’ve been hearing great things about this gathering for years and I feel honored to be part of the line-up (sandwiched in between Quantic with Fémina & my old friend Nickodemus). So today’s selections are skewed in the direction of late night tribal raving deep in the forest of the Northwest. Sorry again to the classic funk fiends, but roll with me on this one and try to imagine yourself surrounded by redwood trees and hippies with facepaint on and not much else, in front of a massive sound system, joints loosened up from a yoga session, chakras aligned after a recent soundbath, and then these tunes come blasting full force… hopefully it all makes more sense that way. For more cool photography capturing vodou ceremonies in Brooklyn, check out Shannon Taggart.

  • Amanda

    Great mix! I’ve been practicing a lot with different genres of music and use this app called Spark DJ and I hope to get better in this field. I’ve hosted a few gigs and so far, I think I’m doing great. I’ve had 4 repeat clients and I’d like to ask if I can use these remixes music in my future engagements?

  • Chuck Wild

    Hi Amanda, of course! That’s why I share them. Have fun and keep spreading the music…

  • Drea Olson

    You’re going to LOVE Beloved. Sorry I won’t be there this year, but I’ll bet dollars to dimes you’ll be there with your family next year!!! Have fun meeting some amazing global artists and may your set be epic! ~Drea

  • Jake

    Another great playlist! Did I forget too mention this is my other fave genre! Thanks for sharing.

  • Chuck Wild

    Sorry you couldn’t make it Drea. I think you were the first person to tell me about how much you loved Beloved and now I see why. It was a very special weekend. You may be right about next year…

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