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Shaking Off The Dust

Damn, it’s starting to seem like once a month is the new norm. I will keep trying my best to overcome the billion and three other tasks that take precedence over writing a blog entry, but the list certainly ain’t getting any shorter. Since the last time I checked in, there’s been multiple devastating hurricanes, a massive earthquake and the growing threat of imminent nuclear war, so I wanted to bring it back to what keeps me sane in tough times: dirty old records. Sure there’s a few edits in here with updated production, but for the most part, this here is a batch of analogue funky stuff sans drum machine. We got sounds from the US, to Brazil, to Haiti, to Burkina Faso and beyond. Last post got me a couple of takedown requests from artists, so I want to remind all you listeners out there that if you dig what you hear, please do go and support the artists- especially the ones who are still around and in the hustle (I’m looking at you ->>COMBO CHIMBITA!!!). That being said, I don’t have any plan to stop spreading the music I love. Artwork today comes from this cool guy I found on instagram: Dominick Rabrun

  • Alex

    This is one of the best posts youve done since the old blog, truly wicked, thank you!!!

  • Margie

    I Dig Your FreQuency

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