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Keep On Truckin

WOWOWOW so much heavy music to drop on you all today! This is exciting. There are still things to be optimistic and hopeful about in this crazy world, let this musical brain candy be the proof! We start things off with a nasty slab of Nigerian 80’s disco funk, then a mind melting Turkish edit from the don dada Señor Terje. Up next a deep Moroccan Gnawa edit, followed by the latest existential dancefloor rant from one of my favorite contemporary bands. We take you to Angola, then back to Istanbul, then to the front pew in the gospel chapel of your dreams. Afroqbano comes through with a nasty late night twist on a 90’s classic, and my man Moon Boots smooths it out with a joint from his new album. The house music vibe is in full swing with a heater from J Worra followed with another classic re-interpreted by my brother from another Nickodemus. Then we drop the tempo down with something soulful from Blasko and finish it all with an absolutely beautiful new tune from the Nadastrom boys. May these soundwaves inspire you to be creative like Eric Junker, who is responsible for the funky truck pictured above. Also extra special shoutout to my dear homie and unofficial mentor DJ Busquelo who hooked me up with a few of these joints from his coveted collection.

  • DiJiT

    Thank you, again.

  • Cato aka Congrí

    Always solid jefe!! That Jamie & Selda has been my go to for many moons now since Busquelo blessed me with it during one of our music swaps!!!

  • Drea

    Good one!

  • captaintriffid

    Seriously. Some fantastic music. That Nadastrom track – beautiful. Cheers!

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