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Ya Watan Remix

Very happy to be sharing this new remix I did for my supremely talented homie Alsarah. I look for any opportunity to let loose my unabashed love of electro-chaabi music, but unfortunately they don’t come around very often. This remix of mine dropped on Wonderwheel Recordings a couple of weeks back but I didn’t even have a chance to properly promote it due to all the other things going on. The entire collection is solid with great work from iZem, Oddisee, DJ Khalab, El Búho and more. Take a listen and then go grab the whole bunch.

  • Kris

    Found Alsarah old school–on the cover of Songlines magazine (a great place to explore new sounds and expand musical boundaries–check Top of the World) and downloaded the remix album on Emusic.com, my go to service for buying world music. Thanks! If you dig this Egyptian, try The Nile Project – Aswan for more local flavor.

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