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R.I.P. Hugh Masekela

Damn, I had finally put together a whole different bunch of songs to share here, when I heard the sad news that we lost this legend today. I immediately had to switch gears and pay tribute. This man has soooo many good albums (spanning decades) and aside from the groundbreaking music, he was a powerful political activist as well. He was a big inspiration for me over the years- several of his LP’s lived in my crate long-term when I first started DJ-ing (back when I was actually lugging vinyl to all my gigs). I feel I owe a huge debt of gratitude to Mr. Masekela and I hope in putting together this playlist of just a few favorites from his gigantic catalogue, the music will speak to some new listeners out there and keep on spreading. Also, you can snag a nice re-work of ‘Night In Tunisia’ from our homies Sol Power DCBIG UP & THANKS Hugh! 

  • Kris Obertas

    Thanks Chuck! When African music first hit my radar with Indestructible Beat of Soweto in the late 80s I was off and running on exploration that continues 30! years later. During all that time of learning and chasing down different sounds thanks to the people who made new music and kept older music alive, I never dug into HM. I saw the jazz label and went off in the many other directions available. And now I find out he was so much more through your set here and I could have enjoyed it all along. Better late than never I guess?! So much music, so little time…

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