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State Of The Mundo Address

My fellow funkateers, from where I stand (in the DJ booth) there are more than a few things to be optimistic about this year, but they are all musically related. So while politricks, disasters and the forces of evil tend to take center stage in the outside world, here on the dancefloor we have a bounty of vibration makers who continue to push the boundaries of hip shaking and bass quaking. Take for example, Jubilee’s marimba-laden floor breaker ‘Wine Up’, a masterful coming together of hip hop subwoofer workout, patois lryicism and electronically expressed creativity. I’m also super stoked to share songs from homies of mine this week- starting with a new tune from the incomparable Dominican bombshell Jenn Morel. Then we have the new project Reyna Tropical produced by my dude Sumohair which hits the sweet spot by combining lilting beachy guitar licks, soft Spanish crooning, dembow drums, and a healthy sprinkle of seemingly unrelated samples from hip hop vocals, tropical birds, and the pleasant sound of coffee pouring into your mug (or is it cold coca-cola on a hot day?). We have some new dancehall vibes with classic inspiration, and then some new wave Baile Funk joints with tasteful minimal production that leave me always waiting for the drop. Then we’ve got a taste of the new remix album by my boy in NYC- Uproot Andy. With his ‘Bumper To Bumper’ mixtape (& remix album) the legendary global bass maestro has succeeded once again in connecting the dots between recent music movements in Africa, Brazil, the Caribbean and American hip hop, which all seem to blend so seamlessly when their shared DNA is brought to the forefront. I conclude in my positive assessment of worldwide bass music with songs from France, Colombia, and a touch of tribal trap heaviness from Chicago. For your eyes, I’m sharing a taste of the recent Parker Day ‘ICONS’ portrait collection. Hope you dig!

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