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Colombian Booty

Last week I acquired more vinyl records with bikini clad women on the cover than I ever knew existed! It was a legit DJ dream come true. So here’s the story: I got a message on Facebook from an extremely generous fellow DJ & longtime reader of this blog. All respect due to the man himself – Don Bustamante. He told me he was relocating, not DJ-ing so much these days, and as a form of repayment for all the music he’s gotten from me over the years on this website (and Captain’s Crate), he wanted to donate 5 boxes of vinyl from his collection, mainly from Colombia!!! As you can imagine, I didn’t hesitate and I proceeded to be a little over-eager in trying to make the whole thing happen. One week later, I’m just beginning to sift through the stacks. There is cumbia galore over here, and it seems very appropriately timed with the current heat wave here in Southern California. Today I share with you the first selections, recorded from vinyl. Some of these were artists or tracks that I was already familiar with (some were already in my iTunes even) but there’s also a seemingly endless amount of good material that is brand new to me. Even this Carlos Vives track, which I now realize was a mega-hit in the 90’s, is something I never really listened to before. So hopefully some of out there will you find yourself in a Latin mood as well, if so, all thanks go to Señor Bustamante! For the rest of you, enjoy the hilarious album covers, and of course, if any of you out there reading feel similarly inclined to donate some vinyl- feel free to reach out! hahahaha.


  • Don Bustamante

    Wow Charlie, thanks for the props and bigup for getting this music out to the masses quick style! You truly provide an amazing service and I can’t be happier with the way this all turned out.

  • Stinky Jim

    Thank you both. Some fresh discoveries and a couple of tracks I was able to upgrade from my own cumbia vaults. Will be running these out and about in Auckland, New Zealand so please know that these good deeds spread joy far and wide. Booty indeed, would love to hear more. Muchas gracias.

  • WB

    These look promising!
    May you please chek the player screen?, it does not change the tracks.

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