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Never Grow Old

We lost a real legend this past week. I’m sure many of you out there have already been revisiting her decades long catalogue, so I don’t really feel the need to give a full tribute playlist. Listening to interviews she gave over the years really helped me get perspective on how her musical genius was just part of the reason that she became such a major cultural icon. Aretha was a truly inspirational soul on so many levels. I start off today’s set with a quick edit/remix I made for a show I did on Friday night (opening for one of my favorites- Chancha Via Circuito). It’s not really a finished track, but just something that I figure some of you might enjoy putting into your mixes for the next couple weeks while we collectively mourn the loss. Otherwise, today’s picks are pretty upbeat and on the funky side of town. Really fun new sounds from Chaka Khan (YES!!! and produced by Switch?!?), Mura Masa, The Internet, Amber Mark, Polo & Pan, Disclosure and more.

  • surian

    Great Selection, thanks!

  • gian

    Big up!! Thank you!

  • Justin Simonsen

    I drive Lyft in SF and all day I get compliments for my playlist and I have to tell them that it’s not mine, it’s yours. Thanks from the streets of San Francisco. That Goodie Bag track is going to get a ton of spins. Wow!

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