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Turn Down The Silence Remix

Sorry I’m not dead, just trying to keep my head above water over here. Having a new baby and then coming home from the hospital to your 2-year-old is no joke! It’s a beautiful thing, but It’s gonna take a little while to learn the new juggling routine. I do have a fat playlist of tunes to share, which I promise to post shortly, but in the meanwhile please enjoy this new remix I did for my Canadian homies The Funk Hunters. I tried something a little different on this one, taking inspiration from the vocal, I took the song in a kinda pop-chill-but-epic-trap vibe. Those of you who are familiar with my production over the years know that I don’t like to be pinned down, so count this as another example of pushing my own stylistic boundaries a bit. The whole collection of remixes is bananas, and I’m honored to be among some of the heavyweights included on this project (hi Kraak and Smaak!).

  • Kris Obertas

    TFH did a great set at the Vancouver Folk Music Festival 2017. Took many photos, got some great ones. They played on a party stage in the evening and people were dancing and loving it. If you can see them live, take the leap. Listened to world music for a long time. Europe and the Middle East have wedding music and bands that play weddings. The Funk Hunters might be the ultimate Canadian wedding band! They mix up genres with ease.

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