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All Is Not Lost

When the wonderful world I love appears to be crumbling around me, and truth itself seems to be suffering from a debilitating case of vertigo, I feel myself in greater need (call it close to desperate) of the solace of a new Koffee single, or the unveiling of a badass sculpture by Kehinde Wiley dropped directly in the middle of Times Square. These relatively small acts, displaying the true power of worthiness amidst an oceanic backdrop of disposable commodities and self-serving trash talkers, keep me afloat as my buoy of inspiration. It’s a storm out here, the waves are wild, my sponge seems to be far too small a vessel, but with these burning songs as my playlist beacon, I shall surf on! Don’t try to make sense of my predilections here, just embrace the chaos- it’s Afrobeat and Disco and House and Drum&Bass and Trap… Happy holidays yall.