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The Bottomless Well

I credit 2 main people for getting me hooked on the digging bug. First, it was my older sister who made me the most eclectic and mind bending cassette tape mixes, properly adorned with glitter & stickers and tons of doodles, all throughout the glorious 90’s. Then it was my high school art teacher, who invited me over for ganja smoking while we recorded rare vinyl to cassettes and laughed at ridiculous album art. Here I am, a couple of decades later, unable to stop thrusting my shovel into the dirt, while the well just keeps getting deeper. With that said, I hope you enjoy today’s selections from the depths of the Mariana Trench. Rootsy, funky, & psychedelic sounds from Ghana, Brazil, Colombia, Haiti, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Belize, Congo, Peru, Puerto Rico, Ethiopia & Turkey. A proper worldwide smorgasbord, which is always one of my favorite things to do on here. Drink up from the global aquifer, let the bountiful soundwaves quench your nagging thirst, there’s plenty to go around. A quick plug to 2 labels highlighted today where you can continue your quest- don’t sleep on Philophon or NYCT, both of these outlets are coming correct with the heat!

  • Drew

    Wow….Christmas came early….absolute solid selection box of goodies. Thanks man, been following since the Captain’s Crate days (1st track I remember listening to was Bail Out – Maxayn) and have appreciated every post since.


    THANK YOU …as always, for years now. <3

  • Jake

    Wow! Only one track in and I’m bouncing around like rubber ball! Nice!

  • Saint Nick

    You the best! I keep coming back all year long. Keep it UP!

  • izzy

    you my guy!!

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