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Cleaning House

Some of these songs on today’s playlist I’ve actually been meaning to share for years. Well, lucky you, because for whatever reason of alignment, all-time favorite tracks like “Palco” (please play this one at my funeral!) seemed like a good fit with new bangers like “Is It True” & “No Requests“. There’s definitely no direct connection, but that space in between the dots is what makes DJ-ing more fun and relevant, as the ever-encroaching algorithms continue to lead us closer to the inevitable moment of artificial intelligence singularity, when the best of human ingenuity no longer can compete with ones and zeroes, the final John Henry battle of human consciousness… But I digress, let’s get back to enjoying ourselves in the moment, shall we? Hopefully this top tier selection of gems helps in that endeavor. For those of you in LA, I will be sharing more of the good stuff this Thursday night at Del Monte Speakeasy in Venice, alongside two amazingly talented fellow disk jockeys- Sumohair & El G. I’d love to see you there! Otherwise, feast your ears on the music, and give your eyes some dessert with more goodies from Jessalyn Brooks (pic above).

  • Wytse

    Looking forward to your new mix Chuck. Hope to hear from you soon. Cheers from Amsterdam, Wytse

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