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Pandemic Birthday To Me

Wow, many of you regular readers may be somewhat familiar with my approaching doomsday prophesying, but gottdamn this one really feels REAL! Me & my fam have been locked up at home now for almost 2 weeks, and I hope all of you out there are doing the same. Sure, the Coronavirus appears to send only about 2-4% of people in my age range into intensive care (NOT A SMALL PERCENTAGE), but I am taking absolutely no risks for the love of my older, asthmatic, & immune compromised folks (which includes family & close friends). It’s hard to think of any time in my life, when looking into the future felt so totally unknown, when the everyday customs & habits of our way of life have been so thoroughly rocked out of place. I can’t help but imagine that things will never really be the same. I was a person wandering the streets of Manhattan on Sept. 11th 2001- I felt a big jolt then, a major awakening for myself and shifting in my culture, but it didn’t seem as fully global and all-encompassing. I feel like one of the main silver linings I’ve been trying to focus on, is the global connectivity which we are being forced into right now. Sure, borders are closing and panic is running rampant, but no one denies that we are all in it together. In the aftermath of WWII the U.N. was created, right? Could this be the training we needed to organize a proper global effort against climate change? I’m focussing on that hopeful possibility since there’s so little other positivity in the news right now. And of course, I’m counting myself insanely lucky for the love of my family and friends. It’s a time to reflect, and remember what’s most important, even more so for me today because it’s my birthday. We’re going to be going through it as a planet in the next few months, let’s do whatever we can to help take care of eachother. What I do have to offer, as always, is music. I will continue to be sharing my soul on this page, and I’m doing livestream DJ sets on instagram Friday nights 9-10pm West Coast Time (@chuckwild), annnnnd I just finished my next album which will be coming out this Summer because people still need the music no matter what, right? So with that, I leave you with another playlist of gold. Do yourself a favor and play it loudly while dancing in your living room, ok?

  • DiJiT

    Blessings, Captain, this is just what we need. Big love from the middle of nowhere!

  • Dangerscouse

    Happy Birthday Chuck. Any playlist with ‘Could Heaven Ever Be’ in it is always a winner in my book.

    Fully locked down here in England and hoping for a quick resolution

  • Wytse

    Happy Birthday Chuck! Thanks for this fine selection of music. Best from Amsterdam, Wytse

  • Alex

    Good to hear you are safeand well! Happy unbirthday and thanks for a brilliant playlist once again.

  • Marc E. Hughes

    Happy Birthday Sir! Glad to hear you and yours are safe! Thanks for the great music. I’ll definitely be working some of them into my quarantine birthday playlist :)

  • Candela

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Mr. Wild!!! Can we get you anything?

  • Eric B.

    Happy birthday from Connecticut, Chuck! Love your mixtapes, thanks for all your effort. Hope you and yours are well and not too stressed to celebrate – life is good, strange AF sometimes, but good. Take care!

  • Juleslefrog

    Happy Belated from Los Angeles!

  • Dangerscouse

    I don’t make too many recommendations but I really suggest you listen to Benjamin Gordon’s new album ‘Where Did We Get Lost’.

    It reminds me of Kanye West style production and Moby’s ’18’ with its down tempo, gospel and blues influences. I rarely listen to a new album on repeat but I have done with this one. Very impressed.

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