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Build It Over Again

Lawwwwwd have mercy. This is not getting any easier. I don’t know how it’s going for you out there, but here in lockdown LA, the little kids are suffering from stir craziness, with a complete lack of playmates and no park to enjoy a simple swing. Us extroverted parents are feeling worn thin with no child care help, no social gatherings, and and no restaurants or cafes to enjoy a relaxing meal which doesn’t involve us cooking and cleaning. This working DJ right here is also suffering from serious wage deflation since I have almost no real gigs (save for my beloved Friday night live streams!) and that doesn’t appear to be changing any time soon. All of this, of course, is nothing to complain about in comparison to the overall state of the country I see around me, with total lack of organized science-based leadership, numbers of new Corona cases still rising here in California, and overt racism seemingly on the rise, being exercised by those in power. Once again a black man was brutally killed by police this week in broad daylight while onlookers pleaded for them to stop. It’s maddening, totally outrageous, and waaay too regular at the same time. Didn’t this just happen two weeks ago??? Most likely 2 days ago somewhere else, and again today, undocumented and unaccounted for. Sorry, I know you guys don’t come here for me to rant, but this is the outlet I have. I guess it helps to at least acknowledge and share just how real all this is. Maybe taking stock of the wackness, putting some light on it and bringing it into focus, helps me to dismantle it better. Music, of course, always helps me too. These are some of the best ones I’ve stumbled on lately, and as they shake their way through my system I always manage to come out feeling better. Shouts to my boy Futura on his new release included in this set. Also, while it ain’t the real thing exactly, I do love seeing folks tune in to my live stream from all over, and I’m actually doing a big fundraiser Zoom party this upcoming Saturday with my bro Nickodemus and some very funky Brazilians. Ok, that is all, check out more beauty (like the painting above) from Kerry James Marshall if you’re not already familiar. PEACE

  • Benoit de Vilmorin

    as usual it is great… but this time it is even more great !! David Walter and Bosq writes the new afro-caribean sound, the Traumer tune based on the Marlena Shaw classic is DOPE… thanks bro !

  • Jon

    DUDE, these tracks are FANTASTIC as always and EXACTLY what I’m looking to hear right now! MUCH MUCH appreciated!

  • Kris Obertas

    Thanks! I’ve found myself kind of shelling up and the festival cancellations and lack of live venues is a shock. Appreciate the new sounds, curated! Things are better-ish up in Vancouver. I’m an “essential worker” so business as usual for me the last few months. At least the ghost town look is fading now as the usual suspects on the transit commute to work were starting to wear the strain of being the suckers who had to get up, out and go when most were able to play safe.

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