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Like Never Before

Well here we are, uncharted territory of the soul, a place of near constant existential questioning. There is so little that feels certain right now, so little security or predictability. It almost feels like a yogic mindfulness of the present moment is being forced upon us due to sheer lack of a future. I’m thankful my kids are so young, because school is still technically optional, but even for them this extended separation ain’t good. I’m remaining optimistic that this is a rock bottom moment, the type that are necessary for massive purging and transformation. These are some ruminations that have been keeping me company during these mostly isolated-with-family days. Inspiration is always medicinal, and I’m getting a nice dose from the work of Rosie Lee Tompkins today (featured above). The funk remains, the groove continues, and I’ll be back on Instagram live and Zoom tonight doing what I always do to share and spread uplifting vibes >> @chuckwild or tinyurl.com/captainplanetzoom 9-10pm PST. PEACE

  • surian

    Dope playlist, thanks as always!

  • Jon


  • Uncle C

    Hang tight Captain Planet! If there was ever a time we need you to stay strong and keep providing the Good Music, it is now! We’re all in this together

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