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Be Like Water

Going with the flow does not necessarily mean being complicit. It means finding your way forward despite the obstacles, eroding stones and entire mountains to accommodate your movement. We have lots of work and growth to do. There’s a major reckoning underway- an uprising, a collective questioning and expansion of consciousness. Dire straits and uncertainty will do that to people. I’m all for it. Past due. Let’s keep the good music turned up loud while we make our way. Sounds that know no bounds as per usual. Heaters from around the world, various points in time, and a pretty wide range of genres. Maybe it’s hard for some people to make sense of the connections, but aren’t the best things in life always a bit challenging? I hope you all are staying up, staying positive, staying connected to friends and fam and all that brings you joy.

P.S. Today marks 3,000 songs that have been shared on this blog over the past 10 years!!! DAMN, that’s a lot of music. Cheers to another 3k and 10 more years…

  • DiJiT

    WHEW!! BIG LOVE!! It HAS been 10 years. Thanks for keeping my mojo working!!

  • Teeeeery

    Salute on 10 years brotha!!! We appreciate you and your many gifts. 10 more pls.

  • Kris Obertas

    I came in early middle? Going back to the earliest posts and getting songs was my version of crate-digging! And I have a similar musical spirit so the work was also a process of joyful discovery. And now we’re here. Your passion for music sustained me and now it inspires me. Thank you and keep it going.

  • Raquel P.

    Loved your work and words for time!
    Keep doing what you’re doing.

  • Juleslefrog

    Happy 3,000! thanks for your passion, Chuck.

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