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The Unknown Future Of Mixtape Riot

Hey guys, sorry but my website got hacked. It was first noticeable in small things, like malicious pop-ups when people would try to click on an embedded link or one of the songs. But then visual themes on pages disappeared, the site became insanely slow, and I couldn’t even make a new post because the admin dashboard was not functioning correctly. This has been extremely frustrating, and thankfully, I’ve had some help from folks to get the website back to a place where I could make this post and get rid of the pop-ups. But all the frustration also forced me to re-think the future of this site, and what it is that I’m trying to do.

To put it simply, I’m not really sure yet, but I may be looking at a transition away from this blog the way it has been for 15 years now. I know, for some of you out there who have been reading & following for about that long, it’s pretty crazy. But I feel like there might be better ways to continue doing what I’ve been doing on here. I’m not clear on what that will look like exactly, or what the platform will be (maybe it’s multiple outlets). With that said, please stay tuned for the future iteration, whatever that may be. Rest assured, I’m not going to stop digging up gems to share with the world!

As a consolation for your patience, I present to you all one of the deepest collections of cuts I’ve ever posted (some of them recorded from my own vinyl). It’s the very reason that I can’t just go and make a Spotify playlist to post, because a lot of these gems won’t be there. **I do however have a MTR Spotify playlist with some of the best ones from over the years**. So here’s to the future, whatever it may hold in store. Art today comes from a surprising source- Action Bronson (who knew?!?)


  • Alex

    Whatever you choose to do next, i thank you for your great kindness and generosity sharing your discoveries and your thoughts over the years that i have followed your adventure. Your own music has been part of the soundtrack to my own adventure in life and painting so in many ways ill miss this blog but will hope for a rebirth in some form in the not too distant future,

  • Marc E Hughes

    Thanks for the continuing awesome! I’m excited to see what the next steps are and where you take this excellent party. The tunes you’ve shared have expanded my musical interests and kept the fun going.

  • CaptainTriffid

    So, look, if you stop posting music here where am I supposed to find tracks like Doy-Doy-Doymadi? Nowhere, that’s where. Don’t give up; don’t set me adrift.

  • Wytse

    Thank you for all the good music you put to my attention over the last decade. If have been following Mixtape Riot for so long it feels nostalgic to me. Here’s to the future; good luck!

  • Justin

    Hey Captain!

    Everything has it’s time and I respect that. Do what brings you peace and inspiration. You’ve been inspiring me to search out new music for ten years now.

    Often I can’t keep up with your numerous posts because you send me down a beautiful path of new music discovery with every new playlist that takes weeks to explore. When you posted ÌFÉ five or six years ago, wow! I love those guys. Nigerian dance tracks? Come on! There is no way they will play that anywhere else. Some computer algorithm is never going to suggest Susso to me.

    Whatever you decide, toss us some gem’s every now and again. My ears are hungry.

  • Kris Obertas

    Can’t say much more than the previous commenters, except maybe Thanks for opening up your musical universe to enjoy and explore and even root for. Which is why I’ll be there when you sort out your channels. If I see or have any good ideas on how you could do it, will pass them on.

  • Remy

    I’ve been a fan of this effort since the Captain’s Crate days (still love tracks you hipped me to, like that 3 Forces joint). Of course, all creative projects run their course, but I always love checking back to this site – sort of the last real music blog left standing. To echo some of the other commenters, there’s just no replacement with Spotify playlists, especially with all the rare discoveries and bootlegs you would share. But most of all, thanks for the tunes over the years. If this is the end, I’ll miss Mixtape Riot songs in my ear.

  • juleslefrog

    It’s a crazy state of affairs.. .Thank you for sharing so much great music over the years- Looking forward to your next move!

  • Kris Obertas

    I’ve been trying Spotify recommended playlists and finding a few keeper tracks,-but man, they tend to be homogenous and kinda bland in the sense of trying too hard to find similar sounds and hence forgettable and tending to elevator-ness. Not my bag man :) There is definitely a place for your kind of variety and surprises there, but if people like you are there, how do we find them?

  • Jon C

    Mixtape Riot is my go-to for refreshing music I can’t normally find elsewhere. It’s an insanely rich treasure that I’m very thankful for existing. ‘Surfing’ through Spotify is a quagmire. Here, I know that once a month or so, I am guaranteed to hear dusty classics, fresh remixes, and stuff I had never heard before. It’s really a treat.

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