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Mixtape Riot Radio #22

Ok, so I while I still don’t know what my next steps are, I guess I’ll keep sharing here haha. A little time away from this blog and I start to miss it! I’m thinking of playlists wether I like it or not. I should have posted this mix here a while back, but better late than never in case you missed it. I also have a bunch of new Summer goodies that I’m putting together to share,  so check my latest mix and stay tuned…

Here to help you get into the proper Summer state of mind, Charlie B. Wilder is back with another jam packed hour of top notch tunes. From rare vintage crate cuts to brand new bops for the dancefloor, the breadth of sonic styles is eclectic as always. Tune in to sounds from South Africa, Jamaica, Brazil, Turkey, Norway, Morocco and plenty of destinations in between. The glue that keeps it all together is pure positivity- songs designed to uplift and get your body moving, so don’t try to fight it if you find yourself dancing. Full tracklist and download available on the BrooklynRadio.com page (plus old episodes you may have missed).

  • surian

    I’ll keep checking this blog for updates until the day it is taken down…. thanks for blessing us with more treats!

  • Alex

    Oh yes!! so glad to see you might be coming back

  • Seb

    Thank you Charlie for posting this great selections and keeping this blog sexy for such a long time. Hope you’ll keep on creating playlists for a while.

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