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The Show Goes On

Well, well, well, look who’s back. I can’t help myself. I wake up at night with playlists in my head. For now at least, I’ll keep sneaking in some tunes when the inspiration strikes and time allows. Artwork above by Frederick Okai Tetteh. Enjoy the bounty my friends.

  • Will B

    You’re backs…and always wellcome!
    Thanks for posting, any way you like

  • Dirk Vanhoecke

    Glad you’re back! Good music again. Thanks.

  • Nordy

    Thank you!

  • NuHere

    Downloads not working on Win10/Firefox. Is this by design? Thx for the good music!

  • NuHere

    No – The problem was with one of my extensions! carry on good sir.

  • Poka

    So glad you’re back! And thanks for the wonderful selection!

  • Wytse

    Now that’s good news, I keep going to mixtaperiot for the good stuff!

  • kris obertas

    Such a tease!

  • CaptainTriffid


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