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Late To The Party

Consider this post your official invitation to one of the baddest disco parties that never was, roughly 40 years after it didn’t happen. We can dream though! And let me tell you, discovering each one of these choice vintage nuggets felt like I was finding a special place that was specifically designed for me to get down. So hopefully you’ll have a similar reaction. All played together back to back, this is one seriously soulful funk throwdown. You have been warned! Also props to the one Alex Voinea for providing visual stimulation today, he’s got plenty more where that came from.

  • Aaron R LaDuke

    this that fire fire. Them vibes be moving me.

  • Scott

    There are some really deep cuts here! Thank you! They appear to have a strong extension when downloaded however…

  • Richard

    Will you be doing any more live streams in the future?

  • Andrew Optimist

    What a jam packed collection!!!

  • gate io

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