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Pockets Full Of Funk

Man o man, I’ve been collecting so much premium product, it would be a crime to keep it all to myself. I proudly present to you all, a big batch of seriously hard to find hip-propulsing mind melters, from places near and far, with enough dust and grit to make a mop bucket jealous. Several are recorded from my own LP’s. Enjoy this bounty, share with friends, play em loud, and may the funk be with you.

  • Alex

    What a superb selection! Just like those Captain Planet days, things you cant hear anywhere but here, thank you

  • keviekev

    Thanks so much for sharing such sweet music.

  • benoit de Vilmorin

    mindblowing tunes here !! thanks for sharing ! bless

  • Wytse

    Man this is good (Check it Out is my favourite), I am so happy you are continuing Mixtape Riot; I have been following this musical journey since the beginning. Thank you!

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