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Mixtape Riot Radio #25

Been so long I know! The site was down again inexplicably, and I’ve been insanely busy- finishing a major motion picture soundtrack (for Disney no less!!!) working on a new EP and a grip of new remixes and production work as well. But most importantly, I’m headed to Europe on tour with 2 of my favorite DJ’s GUTS & Bosq! That’s right, all you folks across the pond, check the schedule and see if I’m coming to a city near you. I’d love to see some Mixtape Riot heads in the crowd.

Partly in preparation for this tour, I dug deep in the crates to make a new mix- 60 minutes of top tier musical medicine from around the world. As per usual, expect to take a proper sonic journey, making stops in Jamaica, Israel, Turkey, Guadeloupe, Nigeria, The Congo, Brazil, Switzerland and places in between. Gritty disco & soulful funk are the glue here holding it all together, so pull out your two stepping shoes and get ready to move.

Full tracklist & download available on BrooklynRadio.com

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