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Going Out With A Bang

Hello out there! I hope you all are finding time to wind down the year properly with good company, delicious food & drink, strong health, and of course, a bounty of dope music. I’ve been too busy to share as regularly as I’d like, but these top tier selections should help keep you bouncing through the final days of 2022. Do yourself a favor and press play with plenty of room to dance out loud the way these songs were made for. Sounds from near & far, old to the new, with a couple of my own recent releases in the mix. Not at all a best of the year situation, just a bunch of current favorites that are in heavy rotation over here and will no doubt get play at my last couple gigs of the year.

Check out more stunning images from Olgalc Bozalp if you dig what you see above. Cheers everyone!

  • Marc Hughes

    Thanks for the awesome! Have a fantastic 2023!

  • Drew

    Happy New Year

  • gate.io

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  • Lucho

    I’ve been listening to your selections and music for years and just in 2023 I find out you’ve been posting music in your blog forever? I have so much to go through! Thanks for the quality tunes always!!!

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