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Mixtape Riot Radio #27

What’s good y’all, been a minute but I think you’ll agree the wait was worth it. I finished my next album (woohoo!) but it won’t come out until Spring. In the meanwhile, I had my own little celebration in the studio while recording this new episode. Tune in for 60 minutes of deep funk, dirty disco, and soulful house music, meticulously selected and mixed by yours truly. From Italy, to Japan, to Brazil and points far beyond, we travel through sounds that know no bounds, all connected by the intergalactic groove. You’ll hear recent songs from Channel Tres, Mad Honey, Melvo Baptiste and K.O.G. getting remixed by Poirier, as well as a bunch of under the radar oldies that you need in your life. Enjoy the trip and spread the good vibes!

Full tracklist and download available on the BrooklynRadio.com page

  • juleslefrog

    Nice drop!

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