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Mixtape Riot Radio #28

I know I know, the flow here ain’t like it used to be. But hopefully this new mix chock full of good ones will appease the thirsty few who continue to come here seeking some musical juice. I appreciate y’all!

Sunny springtime vibes abound in this latest episode of Mixtape Riot. Expect the eclectic as per usual, from lesser known oldies to brand new material, from Brazil to Peru to the Congo and beyond. 60 minutes of top tier cosmic funk, disco and house from around the world. The mix starts off mellow before picking up into some serious dancefloor heat later on, including sounds from Wayne Snow, Mndsgn, Underground System, Bad Colours with Toribio and much more.

Full tracklist and download available here on the BrooklynRadio.com page. PEACE

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