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Lorde – Royals Bootleg Remix

lorde remix

Without further ado, I’d like to present my latest remix. The 16-year-old Kiwi pop sensation gets a touch of grime added to her big single for all my DJ’s and bass fiends out there. Kinda in line with the Banks remix I dropped a lil while back, this is a tune that I wanted to mix into my sets, but didn’t have a version with enough umpf (although the Lazerdisk take is nice on the slow funk tip). Mixed in some heavy 808’s and a touch of twerk to keep the kids bouncing. This is another one that will be featured on the upcoming Planet Rock Mixtape that I’m working on with Canyon Cody to celebrate one year of our weekly Saturday Night party at The Virgil. Press play and bump loudly.

  • r&b instrumentals

    jesus.. this is good. so catchy, very good remix!

  • Maria MARR

    It’s crazy what we can do with music, definitely limitless freedom! I love the gospel sound of the backing vocals, it gives you goose bumps. This is definitely an amazing remix!

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