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Guest DJ: Aaron Colbert


I was lucky to meet Aaron Colbert pretty soon after I first made my way to LA. We swapped some music and traded a few DJ stories and I quickly realized this guy knows just about every club booker & lounge manager in town. He runs his own DJ booking company and does custom soundtracks for venues- basically most DJ’s dream job. He just finished up his latest mix for Maserati, so if you decide to test drive one of the new Ghibli’s or GranTurismo’s, you might be listening to his selections. I asked him to pick out a handful of his favorites from the mix and let us know a little about them. In his words: “Every track I selected has a touch of sexiness, power, and sophistication- giving you a sense of nighttime driving.”

Kate Boy :       The Way We Are (Bixel Boys Remix) Every remix these guys put out is genius!  I was honored to have them rock out in my DJ booth during the FORD Models event last year

Amine Edge & Dance :       Lost
I had been waiting for someone to make Frank Ocean’s amazing hip hop/soul track into something more club playable

Gorgon City Feat. MNEK :       Ready For Your Love By far my favorite House track of this year! I first discovered Gorgon City when my girl Yasmin sang on the track “Real”.  Very talented artist.

Ayer :       Circle Down (Keljet Mix) When I heard this track I had goosebumps.  That’s when you know it speaks to you.  100% Nudisco Vibe.

Tensnake Feat. Fiora :       See Right Through Tensnake’s new album is about to drop.  Watch out because from what I have heard, it’s going to be massive!  Soulful, beautiful, alive…

Lorde :       Team (Panic City Remix)
Panic City really killed this remix.  Lorde is definitely artist of the year.

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    I don’t think the title of your article matches the content lol. Just kidding, mainly because I had some doubts after reading the article.

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Lorde – Royals Bootleg Remix

lorde remix

Without further ado, I’d like to present my latest remix. The 16-year-old Kiwi pop sensation gets a touch of grime added to her big single for all my DJ’s and bass fiends out there. Kinda in line with the Banks remix I dropped a lil while back, this is a tune that I wanted to mix into my sets, but didn’t have a version with enough umpf (although the Lazerdisk take is nice on the slow funk tip). Mixed in some heavy 808’s and a touch of twerk to keep the kids bouncing. This is another one that will be featured on the upcoming Planet Rock Mixtape that I’m working on with Canyon Cody to celebrate one year of our weekly Saturday Night party at The Virgil. Press play and bump loudly.

  • r&b instrumentals

    jesus.. this is good. so catchy, very good remix!

  • Maria MARR

    It’s crazy what we can do with music, definitely limitless freedom! I love the gospel sound of the backing vocals, it gives you goose bumps. This is definitely an amazing remix!

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Regularly Scheduled Daydreaming


A long hot weekend up in the mountains, meant a very very long hot road trip getting there and back. Truth is, you can’t be mad when you’ve got good company and new music to listen to. I like to think of my extended daydreams on planes, trains & highways as an essential part of the creative process. Maybe I wasn’t scheming a global takeover, so much as how to pass the slow RV pulling a boat on a trailer, but I know there’s some head-clearing benefit nonetheless.

Sola Rosa :       Promise (ft. Oliver Daysoul)
great single from Sola’s latest album. Check the top notch Tall Black Guy remix as well

Booker T. Jones :       Sound The Alarm (ft. Mayer Hawthorne) &       All Over The Place (ft. Luke James)
The legendary organ maestro is back on STAX, and sounding surprisingly fresh (with help from the superproducer Avila Bros). The whole album is worth a listen, but the title track with Mayer is the standout for sure.

Superhumanoids :       So Strange
fans of Little Dragon will find lots to like on this new album.

GANZ :       Can't Stop
definitely taking cues from Hudson Mohawk, but I’m not mad at the epic-ness.

Atropolis :       Reza Por Mi (ft. Lido Pimienta)
my Cumba Mela homie has come supremely correct with this excellent full-length. The whole record is great, but this song (and the accompanying video directed by another old friend) makes me smile every time.

Kon :       Blow Me A Kiss (ft. Amy Douglas)
Very glad to see this legendary NYC crate digger and DJ step up as a producer. Deep disco is the name of the game on this one.

Franz Ferdinand :       Stand On The Horizon (Todd Terje Extended Mix)
for me the song starts at 5:30, but there’s a lot of cool moments throughout, as you’d expect from this cool collabo.

LBCK :       Call My Name
mid-tempo slinky funk thats perfect for early evening head bobbing. More from these Long Beach kids.

FKJ :       So Much To Me &       Instant Need
a couple new disco-fied winners from French Kiwi Juice.

Lorde :       Bravado &       Biting Down
it’s hard to be mad at this 16-yr-old chantuese when she’s putting out songs this good. I’m sure there’s some producer big wig mastermind behind a lot of the material, but her voice remains kinda undeniable.

Shigeto :       Miss U &       Detroit Part 1
deep organic spacey beats from this Midwest Ghostly dude.


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    Love this mix!

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