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Mixtape Riot Radio #011


After a long hiatus, I’m back with another 60min edition of MTR Radio, up now on BrooklynRadio.com. You won’t find any Grammy winners on the tracklist (oh wait, except for big winner NILE RODGERS!!!), but that definitely doesn’t mean this isn’t top tier material. Focusing mainly on favorites from 2013, as well as a few brand new goodies, this mix is a bit more on the mellow side than most previous ones, but it’s still far from sleepy. If you happen to be reeling in the aftermath of a polar vortex, let this be your soundtrack as you dethaw with a hot beverage, while lying on a sheep skin rug by the fire. Featuring music from Disclosure, Mayer Hawthorne, Big Data, The Internet, Jungle, Zero 7, Quantic and more.

Full tracklist and MP3 download available here

Mixtape Riot #011 by Brooklyn Radio on Mixcloud


Tis The Season


In my ongoing effort not to perpetuate mindless obedience to mass-marketing and gluttonous consumer hysteria, I will once again urge all my friends to make me mixtapes rather than buy me a new set of congas, or that really fresh button up from 10deep, or a set of platinum rims for my Honda Fit (although I won’t be mad if you guys DO end up getting me those things). On second thought, I have too much music already. Dear Santa, GET ME A GOLD CHAIN!

Disclosure x Nile Rodgers x Sam Smith x Jimmy Napes :       Together
holy hell yes! Do I even need to say anything after you read the line-up?

DJ Vadim :       Black Is The Night ft. Katherin Deboer oldie but goodie, mellow reggae/hip hop vibes

Ash Reynolds :       Don't Want To Let You Go
nice mid-tempo laid back disco edit taken from this new EP on Cloak Dagger’s new label

Mayer Hawthorne :       Wine Glass Woman
teaming up with Pharrell on this one, and you can hear it in the undeniable catchyness of the hook

Hubbabubbaklubb :       Mopedbart
Norwegians rarely sound this funky. Don’t know what he’s singing about, but I can’t help but smile every time he says “fart”. Can someone Scandinavian please tell me what that means??? More from these guys here.

Dena :       Cash
I like how this girl is doing her own thing. Nice bouncy remix makes it dancefloor worthy.

TJ Swann :       And You Know That
old school disco 12″ rarity in the mix just because

Body Language :       Just Because &       Lose My Head
funky electro pop from this Brooklyn group

Franz Ferdinand :       Right Action (Liv Spencer Rework)
exactly the kind of rocker-disco that pleases the skinny pants kids and funk heads alike, bravo.

Fitz & The Tantrums :       The Walker &       Out Of My League
big classic hooks are taking this local band to the next level of popdom and I ain’t mad. Kinda reminds me of some Matt & Kim


Regularly Scheduled Daydreaming


A long hot weekend up in the mountains, meant a very very long hot road trip getting there and back. Truth is, you can’t be mad when you’ve got good company and new music to listen to. I like to think of my extended daydreams on planes, trains & highways as an essential part of the creative process. Maybe I wasn’t scheming a global takeover, so much as how to pass the slow RV pulling a boat on a trailer, but I know there’s some head-clearing benefit nonetheless.

Sola Rosa :       Promise (ft. Oliver Daysoul)
great single from Sola’s latest album. Check the top notch Tall Black Guy remix as well

Booker T. Jones :       Sound The Alarm (ft. Mayer Hawthorne) &       All Over The Place (ft. Luke James)
The legendary organ maestro is back on STAX, and sounding surprisingly fresh (with help from the superproducer Avila Bros). The whole album is worth a listen, but the title track with Mayer is the standout for sure.

Superhumanoids :       So Strange
fans of Little Dragon will find lots to like on this new album.

GANZ :       Can't Stop
definitely taking cues from Hudson Mohawk, but I’m not mad at the epic-ness.

Atropolis :       Reza Por Mi (ft. Lido Pimienta)
my Cumba Mela homie has come supremely correct with this excellent full-length. The whole record is great, but this song (and the accompanying video directed by another old friend) makes me smile every time.

Kon :       Blow Me A Kiss (ft. Amy Douglas)
Very glad to see this legendary NYC crate digger and DJ step up as a producer. Deep disco is the name of the game on this one.

Franz Ferdinand :       Stand On The Horizon (Todd Terje Extended Mix)
for me the song starts at 5:30, but there’s a lot of cool moments throughout, as you’d expect from this cool collabo.

LBCK :       Call My Name
mid-tempo slinky funk thats perfect for early evening head bobbing. More from these Long Beach kids.

FKJ :       So Much To Me &       Instant Need
a couple new disco-fied winners from French Kiwi Juice.

Lorde :       Bravado &       Biting Down
it’s hard to be mad at this 16-yr-old chantuese when she’s putting out songs this good. I’m sure there’s some producer big wig mastermind behind a lot of the material, but her voice remains kinda undeniable.

Shigeto :       Miss U &       Detroit Part 1
deep organic spacey beats from this Midwest Ghostly dude.


  • jackson12

    Love this mix!

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Mixtape Riot Radio: #010

Please excuse the lag in posts… hopefully this latest podcast, packed to the brim with goodies, will make up for it. As always, it’s an eclectic aural exploration. Travelling from South American future dub, to headnod-inducing indy soul, to global bass and funky house- I tried to connect the dots between a wide range of fresh new sounds in classic Mixtape Riot style. New songs from Tremor, Mayer Hawthorne, Misun, Banks, Atropolis, Uproot Andy, Superhumanoids and more. Don’t let the “back to school” sales scare you, it’s STILL SUMMER in Mixtape Riot-land.

Full tracklist and free download available here

Mixtape Riot #010 by Brooklyn Radio on Mixcloud

  • rob coppola

    hey Charlie,
    mate, many thanks for all the incredible tunes you put together, especially for the mixtape riot series. i’ve been a fan for just a few months, and can say I ‘m always hanging out for the next episode. i’m yet to be disappointed. Just downloaded #10 in advance of my family trip to Europe tomorrow(from Sydney). I plan to give it some serious attention, over the next couple of weeks . cheers Rob C

  • RM

    Same here Charlie – These are keeping me awake on my morning commute, and I’ve just downloaded 10 for a 4 hour plane journey.

    Many thanks, please keep it up!

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Deep Thoughts From The Outhouse


After a beautiful week in the woods with fam, I’m back in my LA studio catching up on the many gigabytes of new music that I recently pilfered from friends. In addition to daily swimming in ponds, jumping into waterfalls, picking veggies from the garden and catching fireflies at dusk, we celebrated the wedding of my own Ma Dukes to her new hubby. Best believe, I made the reception party get loose with a long set of classics (under a tent on a gorgeous grassy hill top). Belly full of fresh kale & arugula, I’m feelin juiced for this week’s parties, including my guest set at the raucous Tormenta Tropical party on Friday night alongside Paul Devro, Deejay Theory, Oro11 y mas. If you’re in the LA area, come through!

Flume :       Sleepless ft. Anthony For Cleopatra featured on the last MTR radio show, this crispy, soulful, downtempo joint is too good not to share

Mayer Hawthorne :       Her Favorite Song (Oliver Remix) I know, I shared new Mayer last week too, but this new single getting remixed by one of my favorite production teams around is making my week

Bosq (of The Whiskey Barons) :       Never Feel Cold ft. Mendee Ichi &       Paciencia De Jo ft. Tita Lima highly recommend this solid new full-length from one half of The Whiskey Barons (who you may remember, remixed a Capt. Planet song a couple years back)

Atoms For Peace :       Before Your Very Eyes &       Ingenue big names coming together rarely sounds this good. I was late on this, but big props to Thom Yorke, Flea & Nigel Godrich for a solid collab album

Madlib :       The Mad March apologies for the low quality rip, but it’s only available on 7″, so go get it

Rebecca Ferguson :       Glitter & Gold new soul, classic sound. Lookin forward to more from her

Hanni El Khatib :       Low badass indy psych-rock soul sounds, produced by Black Keys dude of dudes, Dan Auerbach.

Boom Boom Boom :       Out Loud love this group! Shouts to KCRW dj Aaron Byrd for hipping me to them. Seen them live twice now and I would bet good money that you’ll be hearing big things from them soon.

Lockah :       Platinum Blonde heavy head nod bizniz perfect for late nights, rainy days, or sexy time with that certain someone

Ginger & The Ghost :       One Type Of Dark (Ta-ku Remix) always happy to hear new sounds from this versatile Aussie beatsmith

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Back East

freedom tower

Still feels like home: waiting for late night subways in sweltering heat, on platforms covered in the black funk of decades past, walking into art museums for the free AC, stumbling upon dope concerts in the park, the curious wonders of endless stoop sales. It was less than a handful of days, but I’m very glad I got to soak in some Summer in the city. Huge thanks to my man DJ Cato for putting together a great rooftop poolside bash in Soho on Sunday. It was amazing to catch up with so many old friends while taking in the gorgeous view- with a firework finish no less! Now I’m back out in the hinterland of New Hampshire for the 4th and beyond, but I had to give a little update with some new heaters I’ve been keeping in rotation. Also, big up to my homegirl in Manila DJ Christina Badkiss whose crates I jacked for a bunch of today’s tunes, expect a featured mix from her very soon!

Starfucker :       While I'm Alive catchy pop joint that verges on cheese, but keeps one foot on the funky side

Tuxedo :       So Good &       Do It new Mayer Hawthorne / Jake One collabo that is truly heaven sent. 80’s g-funk done right.

Bondax :       Gold (Moon Boots Remix) hipster house on the smooth side

Disclosure :       Help Me Lose My Mind &       When A Fire Starts To Burn without a doubt, one of the best albums of the year

Todd Terje :       Strandbar (Samba Version) so so good. New Summer anthem from the Nordic extended-groove meistro. The disco version of this tune is not to be missed either.

Stimming :       Funkworm tech house with a whole lot of flavor

James Fox :       Close Your Eyes beware, deep trance state is likely to occur around the 3.5 minute mark

ETML :       Bind Me funky UK bizniz from this young cat

Mark de Clive-Lowe ft. Omar :       Get Started (Full Crate Remix) great bouncey rework from Full Crate

Wretch 32 ft. Shaka :       Blackout not sure what to call this? Dancehall, UK funky, bass, hip hop… how bout just “good music”