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Ay Chi Mamones


When I’m overwhelmed or frustrated by one of the bajillion tribulations that life throws my way on a daily basis, my go-to saying of choice, which somehow immediately manages to make me feel better, is “AY CHI MAMONES”. Rather than falling back on the classic Mexican derived slang mamón, I like to insert the plural version with reference to this mysterious fruit that I’ve never tried. A whole bundle of these mamones for every spilled glass of coffee, every inattentive driver that cuts me off, every new bill that comes in my mailbox and gets added to the pile of others that remain unpaid. There has been a veritable forest of mamoncillo trees springing out from my throat this past month. But thankfully this simple vocalization continues to produce a sweet/sour fruit in place of what could be pure cow dung. Mamones are even healthy! With all that said, I apologize again for the lack of recent posts, for this site going offline temporarily, for the new design-in-progress which lacks much of the flare of the old one… I’m working on it, and planting more mamoncillo trees in the meantime.

Lost Midas :       Head Games ft. Audris

MNEK :       Every Little Word

Cherokee :       Don't Matter ft. Darianna Everett

John Milk :       The Fool (Disco Reggae Mix)

Broadway Sounds :       Something Sensual &       Booby Trap

Donnell Jones :       U Know Whats Up (Option4 Remix)

Pharrell ft. Jay-Z :       Frontin' (Disclosure Remix)

ZHU :       Paradise Awaits

Hervé & Zebra Katz :       Tear The House Up

Curtis Harding :       Keep On Shining

Dom La Nena :       Batuque (Jeremy Sole & Atropolis Remix)

Oceaán :       Need U &       Your Side

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Piece Of The Sky


Total mix of sounds for you this week. Some slightly older tunes I’ve only just discovered, as well as a few brand new future-classics (Disclosure with Mary J. Blige!?!). There’s some real mellow, soulful tracks and a few uptempo dancefloor fillers too. Don’t always try to make sense of the bouillabaisse, just press play and see if you agree that these are all worthy listens. The rad photo of a drive-in theater above was jacked from an instagram feed by Michael Goldberg that I follow and thoroughly enjoy. If you like faces that tell stories and stark landscapes, check him out.

Fredericks Brown :       What Lies Within &       Everywhere somehow I missed this release from my pals who played at a Mixtape Riot party way back…

AlunaGeorge :       Attracting Flies
still coming back to this album for inspiration

Sleigh Bells :       To Hell With You
interesting way of taking a semi-sweet melody and making it really hard. Definitely not mad at this.

Wayne Warshall ft. Assasin :       Stupid Money
undeniably catchy tune sung by a pack of 7 year old’s and 2 of Jamaica’s finest.

Pomo :       Work It Out
seriously funky swing on a soulful electro beat by this cat

Disclosure ft. Mary J Blige :       F For You
these brothers can do no wrong right now, and I hope Mary J gets the hint that this is exactly what she needs to keep doing!

Cosmo Baker & Grandtheft :
style crossing collabo  between 2 dj’s I very much respect. Something to please the disco heads and bass fiends alike.

Ibibio Sound Machine :       Let's Dance (Yak Inek Unek)
electro african dance music like this is something I rarely get enough of

Brenmar :       Medusa feat. Rush Davis
very much looking forward to the full album from this club killer

BADBADNOTGOOD :       Hedron
jazz meets trap? Yeah that’s what these young canucks are doing.


Mixtape Riot Radio #011


After a long hiatus, I’m back with another 60min edition of MTR Radio, up now on BrooklynRadio.com. You won’t find any Grammy winners on the tracklist (oh wait, except for big winner NILE RODGERS!!!), but that definitely doesn’t mean this isn’t top tier material. Focusing mainly on favorites from 2013, as well as a few brand new goodies, this mix is a bit more on the mellow side than most previous ones, but it’s still far from sleepy. If you happen to be reeling in the aftermath of a polar vortex, let this be your soundtrack as you dethaw with a hot beverage, while lying on a sheep skin rug by the fire. Featuring music from Disclosure, Mayer Hawthorne, Big Data, The Internet, Jungle, Zero 7, Quantic and more.

Full tracklist and MP3 download available here

Mixtape Riot #011 by Brooklyn Radio on Mixcloud


Tis The Season


In my ongoing effort not to perpetuate mindless obedience to mass-marketing and gluttonous consumer hysteria, I will once again urge all my friends to make me mixtapes rather than buy me a new set of congas, or that really fresh button up from 10deep, or a set of platinum rims for my Honda Fit (although I won’t be mad if you guys DO end up getting me those things). On second thought, I have too much music already. Dear Santa, GET ME A GOLD CHAIN!

Disclosure x Nile Rodgers x Sam Smith x Jimmy Napes :       Together
holy hell yes! Do I even need to say anything after you read the line-up?

DJ Vadim :       Black Is The Night ft. Katherin Deboer oldie but goodie, mellow reggae/hip hop vibes

Ash Reynolds :       Don't Want To Let You Go
nice mid-tempo laid back disco edit taken from this new EP on Cloak Dagger’s new label

Mayer Hawthorne :       Wine Glass Woman
teaming up with Pharrell on this one, and you can hear it in the undeniable catchyness of the hook

Hubbabubbaklubb :       Mopedbart
Norwegians rarely sound this funky. Don’t know what he’s singing about, but I can’t help but smile every time he says “fart”. Can someone Scandinavian please tell me what that means??? More from these guys here.

Dena :       Cash
I like how this girl is doing her own thing. Nice bouncy remix makes it dancefloor worthy.

TJ Swann :       And You Know That
old school disco 12″ rarity in the mix just because

Body Language :       Just Because &       Lose My Head
funky electro pop from this Brooklyn group

Franz Ferdinand :       Right Action (Liv Spencer Rework)
exactly the kind of rocker-disco that pleases the skinny pants kids and funk heads alike, bravo.

Fitz & The Tantrums :       The Walker &       Out Of My League
big classic hooks are taking this local band to the next level of popdom and I ain’t mad. Kinda reminds me of some Matt & Kim


Ghosts In The Machine


In preparation for my favorite holiday, the same All Hallow’s Eve that will forever remind me of drive by egg-ings and TP in the trees (probably more than horror flicks and candy), I’ve put together some dark & devilish tracks to share. I skipped over the staples that you will hear played at every party you go to this week, and instead chose to focus on some club joints that have a generally spooky vibe (rather than full-frontal Ghostbusters remixes). A lot of recent UK bass & funky house stuff has that freaky darkness that I like, so there’s a few of those tunes in here. Probably not crowd pleasers unless you’re at a warehouse rave, but then I suppose that’s all the more reason to find yourself a warehouse rave!

Screamin Jay Hawkins :       I Put A Spell On You (Jeremy Sole Remix) nice flip on an old school freaky classic by my homie Jeremy, also helpful DJ tool taking you from 105bpm to 118.

DJ Disse :       Real Roots (Electric Bass Mix) random discovery by this guy. Sometimes one song leads you to another, which leads you to another…

The Layabouts      As Long As You Believe (Jullian Gomes Remix) with vocals from Omar, and a nasty acid tasting bassline, this one is right in the pocket for me

Drake ft. Sampha      Too Much (Jessie Andrews & Jason Burns Remix) completely removed all of Drake from this song, and it works so well. Another really nice usage of funky filtered synth bass that has late night trippiness all over it- produced by a 21 year old porn star + this guy!

Gorgon City      Intentions ft. Clean Bandit LATE NIGHT STEEZ

Lxury      J.A.W.S. co-produced by Disclosure so you know it’s dope

Seal      Crazy (Bixel Boys Remix) ok, so this one’s not too “dark & spooky”, but it seemed to fit in the playlist still. More heaters from these dudes

Dabin ft. Bijou      Awakening (Kwikfiks Remix) are you not still on one? Pop another cause it’s just getting deeper thanks to Canadian beat maestro Kwikfiks

Fake Blood :       Mars now we’re back to full on freaky shit. Don’t get enough opportunities to drop this oldie but goodie, this week is the exception.

Duck Sauce :       Big Bad Wolf maybe the most obvious choice for this list, but gottdamn this one is good! So simple and effective, turns even the meek ones into werewolves when the time is right.

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    Huge!! I am going nuts listening to these golden cuts.

  • manliano

    Love that you included Fake Blood. Killer track.

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Guest Mix: BadKiss

I met Ms. Christina Badkiss at a cool lil spot in Manila where, after just a few minutes of hearing her spin, I knew immediately that she was my type of DJ. Mixing seamlessly between funky breaks, soulful house, hip hop, broken beat & bass tunes, she clearly had a keen sense of what works on the dancefloor. It barely even surprised me when an impromptu B-Boy cypher broke out- headspins, windmills and all. To complete the picture, Ms. Badkiss would make sure to sneak out of the DJ booth at every available opportunity to bust some dance moves herself, which is something I can relate to 100%. Since then, we’ve stayed in touch over email, and she continues to hit me up with dope new tunes that I often end up sharing here on the blog. Getting her to record a guest mix was just the next logical step. On “Still Waters Run Deep” you can hear some of her soulful house selections- minimal, simple, and deep- which make a perfect soundtrack for chilling, or for uprocking, depending on your mood. Be sure and check out her soundcloud page for more mixes from her (in a range of different styles), and if you’re in the Philippines, check out one of her many events or parties. Thank me later!

      Still Waters Run Deep Mixed by BadKiss


The White Lamp – It’s You (Ron Basejam Remix)
Atjazz – Dry Red Line
Falty DL – She Sleeps (2000Black Remix)
Ben Westbeach – Summer’s Loss
Jazzanova – That Night (Paskal & Urban Absolutes Dub)
Joy Orbison – Donell
Herbert – Leave me now
Martin Patino – Your Lips, Underwater (Original Mix)
Soul Parlor – Real feat. Colonel Red & Amalia (Opolopo Dub Fix)
Quintin Harris – Beautiful Black Women Come From Brooklyn (Zed Bias Remix)
Leon Vynehall – Don’t Know Why  (Original Mix)
Al Bankolé – Feel
MNEK vs Disclosure – White Noise (Full Crate & FS Green Remix)
Christina Prommer – You belong to me
Reel People – Star (Rocco Underground Mix)
Souls Of Mischief – 93′ til Infinity (Hannes Fischer Remix)

  • DJ Cato

    Very smoove Christina! Will be cruise’n to this one for sure:)

  • binance hesabi olusturma

    I don’t think the title of your article matches the content lol. Just kidding, mainly because I had some doubts after reading the article.

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