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Tis The Season


In my ongoing effort not to perpetuate mindless obedience to mass-marketing and gluttonous consumer hysteria, I will once again urge all my friends to make me mixtapes rather than buy me a new set of congas, or that really fresh button up from 10deep, or a set of platinum rims for my Honda Fit (although I won’t be mad if you guys DO end up getting me those things). On second thought, I have too much music already. Dear Santa, GET ME A GOLD CHAIN!

Disclosure x Nile Rodgers x Sam Smith x Jimmy Napes :       Together
holy hell yes! Do I even need to say anything after you read the line-up?

DJ Vadim :       Black Is The Night ft. Katherin Deboer oldie but goodie, mellow reggae/hip hop vibes

Ash Reynolds :       Don't Want To Let You Go
nice mid-tempo laid back disco edit taken from this new EP on Cloak Dagger’s new label

Mayer Hawthorne :       Wine Glass Woman
teaming up with Pharrell on this one, and you can hear it in the undeniable catchyness of the hook

Hubbabubbaklubb :       Mopedbart
Norwegians rarely sound this funky. Don’t know what he’s singing about, but I can’t help but smile every time he says “fart”. Can someone Scandinavian please tell me what that means??? More from these guys here.

Dena :       Cash
I like how this girl is doing her own thing. Nice bouncy remix makes it dancefloor worthy.

TJ Swann :       And You Know That
old school disco 12″ rarity in the mix just because

Body Language :       Just Because &       Lose My Head
funky electro pop from this Brooklyn group

Franz Ferdinand :       Right Action (Liv Spencer Rework)
exactly the kind of rocker-disco that pleases the skinny pants kids and funk heads alike, bravo.

Fitz & The Tantrums :       The Walker &       Out Of My League
big classic hooks are taking this local band to the next level of popdom and I ain’t mad. Kinda reminds me of some Matt & Kim