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I hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving with multiple food comas and extended afternoon naps. I’m gradually coming down from a week-long gratitude high myself, still feeling full and a few pounds heavier. Not a lot of time today since I’m jumping right back into work, but you know I can’t go too long without feeding the fiends in need. Some nice recent musical discoveries for you, old and new: something funky, something punky, and a little grit for good measure. If you’re like me and are constantly looking for hand-knit onesies, then you’ll probably dig checking out more pics by Phyllis Galembo, like the one above.

Mapei :       Don't Wait

Heavy English :       21 Flights

Jupiter :       Hula Hoop

Shakatak :       Down On The Street (Black Amex Edit)

MNDR :       Feed Me Diamonds (RAC Remix)

Para One ft. Jaw :       When The Night (Breakbot Remix)

Cassius :       Toop Toop

Duck Sauce :       Radio Stereo (Bastille Edit)

Manicured Noise :       Metronome (Cousin Cole Remix)

Breach :       Jack

The Magician :       When The Night Is Over (Claptone Remix)

  • Dangerscouse

    Lovin these tunes, especially Mapei, Heavy English and Breach. All of them are now on my watch list ready for albums.

    Going to see Basement Jaxx on Saturday so that Breach tune is a nice little warm up…

  • Archibald Schlick

    Fantastic Choice! Love all of them.
    now i m gonna listen to Mickey Moonlight Interplanetary Music Riton Remix
    and then i go to bed.

  • criptomoedas

    Você pode ser mais específico sobre o conteúdo do seu artigo? Depois de lê-lo, ainda tenho algumas dúvidas. Espero que possa me ajudar.

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