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Black Messiah


Thank you lord! Just after most deejays and media outlets started posting their year-end best album lists- along comes the REAL best album (perhaps in the past 5 years?!?). In case you didn’t know, I’m a pretty big fan of D’angelo, and recieving Black Messiah could not have come at a more perfect moment. We all need this album right now. Love, madness, psychedelic soul and sexiness all put together perfectly by a team of geniuses, sounding fresher than a gallon of Listerine (even after a 14 year hiatus). And don’t get it twisted, the man is not on some Yeezus ego-maniacal trip. Get the album for youself and see what I’m talking about. There’s a bunch of other funky-as-hell tunes I’m happy to be sharing with you all for the holidaze as well. Cheers to keeping your hips in motion and your spirit lifted!

D’Angelo :       Betray My Heart &       Really Love

Mark Ronson :       Uptown Funk ft. Bruno Mars

Usher :       She Came To Give It To You ft. Nicki Minaj)

The Rub ft. Tatiana Owens :       Bring On The Love (Disco Mix)

Owiny Sigoma Band :       Nyiduonge Drums

Ricky Blaze :       Overrated ft. Kranium & Shaggy

Serocee :       Propellah

ODESZA ft. Zyra :       Say My Name (Hermitude Remix)

AlunaGeorge :       Supernatural (Pomo Remix)

Pomo :       Start Again ft. Andrea Cormier


Lambo Mercy: DJ AC Guest Post


We’ve got a guest post today from my good friend- Los Angeles’ very own DJ/hustler extraordinaire, Aaaron Colbert. I believe the last time he shared tunes here, it was a group of selections off his official mix for Bentley. Well this time he was asked to do an official mix for Lamborghiniwhat gives?!? Check out the full mixtape here (which provides a nice deep-house cruising soundtrack even if you’re pushing a vintage Honda). His selections should please all the house heads and club kids out there, take a listen…

Until The Ribbon Breaks :       Spark

The Magician :       Sunlight ft. Years & Years

Hippie Sabotage x Tov Lo :       Stay High (Alex Aark Bootleg)

SNBRN ft. Kaleena Zanders :       California Love (Summer Mix)

Gorgon City :       6AM ft. Tish Hyman

AlunaGeorge :       Outlines (Danny T Rework)

Mr. Probz :       Waves (Roter & Lewis Edit)


Piece Of The Sky


Total mix of sounds for you this week. Some slightly older tunes I’ve only just discovered, as well as a few brand new future-classics (Disclosure with Mary J. Blige!?!). There’s some real mellow, soulful tracks and a few uptempo dancefloor fillers too. Don’t always try to make sense of the bouillabaisse, just press play and see if you agree that these are all worthy listens. The rad photo of a drive-in theater above was jacked from an instagram feed by Michael Goldberg that I follow and thoroughly enjoy. If you like faces that tell stories and stark landscapes, check him out.

Fredericks Brown :       What Lies Within &       Everywhere somehow I missed this release from my pals who played at a Mixtape Riot party way back…

AlunaGeorge :       Attracting Flies
still coming back to this album for inspiration

Sleigh Bells :       To Hell With You
interesting way of taking a semi-sweet melody and making it really hard. Definitely not mad at this.

Wayne Warshall ft. Assasin :       Stupid Money
undeniably catchy tune sung by a pack of 7 year old’s and 2 of Jamaica’s finest.

Pomo :       Work It Out
seriously funky swing on a soulful electro beat by this cat

Disclosure ft. Mary J Blige :       F For You
these brothers can do no wrong right now, and I hope Mary J gets the hint that this is exactly what she needs to keep doing!

Cosmo Baker & Grandtheft :
style crossing collabo  between 2 dj’s I very much respect. Something to please the disco heads and bass fiends alike.

Ibibio Sound Machine :       Let's Dance (Yak Inek Unek)
electro african dance music like this is something I rarely get enough of

Brenmar :       Medusa feat. Rush Davis
very much looking forward to the full album from this club killer

BADBADNOTGOOD :       Hedron
jazz meets trap? Yeah that’s what these young canucks are doing.


Missing Whiskey

Today marks day 23 without a single drop of alcohol for me. This may not sound like too difficult a task for many of you out there, but when you drink as often and as much as I do (I’ve put away a half bottle of Jameson to myself on certain nights), then the challenge becomes much more substantial. It certainly doesn’t help that I work in bars and clubs, surrounded by a free supply of beverages, and have been doing this since before I was of legal age. I’m not an alcoholic (thank god I didn’t get my grandpa’s genes for that), but I do seriously love drinking, and I plan to resume promptly when my one month challenge is up. How is this relevant to today’s musical selections? Well, this is most definitely NOT a party playlist. It could be that my increased sobriety has mellowed me out a bit, or it might also just be the nice summer breeze coming in my window. Either way, you get a seriously smoothed out set of soulful downtempo goodness to enjoy.

Close :       My Way (ft. Joe Dukie)

Banks :       Warm Water

A/T/O/S :       A Taste Of Struggle (Commodo Mix)

Colette :       When The Music's Loud

AlunaGeorge :       You Know You Like It (DJ Snake Remix)

Gossip :       Four Letter Word

Alpine :       Seeing Red

Rhye :       Open (Bondax Remix)

When Saints Go Machine :       IODINE (Robin Hannibal Remix)

Francis & The Lights :       ETC