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Missing Whiskey

Today marks day 23 without a single drop of alcohol for me. This may not sound like too difficult a task for many of you out there, but when you drink as often and as much as I do (I’ve put away a half bottle of Jameson to myself on certain nights), then the challenge becomes much more substantial. It certainly doesn’t help that I work in bars and clubs, surrounded by a free supply of beverages, and have been doing this since before I was of legal age. I’m not an alcoholic (thank god I didn’t get my grandpa’s genes for that), but I do seriously love drinking, and I plan to resume promptly when my one month challenge is up. How is this relevant to today’s musical selections? Well, this is most definitely NOT a party playlist. It could be that my increased sobriety has mellowed me out a bit, or it might also just be the nice summer breeze coming in my window. Either way, you get a seriously smoothed out set of soulful downtempo goodness to enjoy.

Close :       My Way (ft. Joe Dukie)

Banks :       Warm Water

A/T/O/S :       A Taste Of Struggle (Commodo Mix)

Colette :       When The Music's Loud

AlunaGeorge :       You Know You Like It (DJ Snake Remix)

Gossip :       Four Letter Word

Alpine :       Seeing Red

Rhye :       Open (Bondax Remix)

When Saints Go Machine :       IODINE (Robin Hannibal Remix)

Francis & The Lights :       ETC

  • Matt G

    Well done for staying off the sauce like this. That Jameson is as smooth as the tunes you play here and is my fav. top shelf tipple. Have been enjoying your blog and the music you post for quite some time now and have found some gems amongst your playlists.

    Thank you and please keep up this great site, you have tremendous energy!! I’m sure you’ve heard Valerie June’s – You can’t be told but if not it’s well worth checking out, one of the best songs of Summer for this old head.

    Goodnight man, keep it lit!!

  • Paul J.

    Today I had a glass of wine after more than a year without a drink–and I own more than a thousand bottles, so it was quite a commitment. It’s good to take a break from alcohol, even if you don’t have an addiction (a) to establish unambiguously that you can; and (b) to give your liver cells a break.

  • Phil D

    Takes a lot of inner strength, remember your goals and the bad alternatives. I’ll chant for your success!

    Phil D

  • manliano

    Love that you included that Gossip track. I think it’s their best.

  • ben

    quite drinking does allow a liitle doobie once in a while !

  • Cato

    Hey Charlie,
    How you doing with the no alcohol mission? I haven’t had a drop since July 28th & don’t plan on having it as part of my deejay life at all anytime in the near future. I will drink, but only on that social level or for actual special occasions. Feeling super clear, healthy & focused.
    Got my return ticket for Monday, Sept 30th
    Let’s find a new home for BKLA homie!!

  • Chuck

    I used to drink to drown my sorrows but they eventually learned to swim! Now I am a practising alcoholic! Good on you though, my Mom has been a proud member of AA for 43 years now!

  • Nikki

    I could float on this mix forever. And ever.

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