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Tiny Cheerleaders

Everyone needs a little extra support now and then. From your homies, your significant other, your family, your pet, or even in the form of this little nugget of sweetness pictured above (also the cover art from an EP by Jungle– clearly she’s their biggest fan). I haven’t fathered any children thus far, but when I do, I will most definitely be getting them purple Adidas track suits and record players. Let’s also remember to give credit to the wonderful DJ’s of the world who give us support in the form of much needed new (and old) music. Sorry if that sounds like I’m patting myself on the back, really I’m just giving props because almost all of today’s tunes have been stolen from other DJ’s playlists. Tell a friend to tell a friend and let the spreading continue…

Big Data :       Dangerous
dirty dirty bassline. The kind of rock that I like.

Mystery Skulls :       Brainsick
basement produced electro pop

Class Actress :       Careful What You Say
trippy indy synth pop

Janet Jackson :       If (Kaytranda Remix)
sidechain compression done right on this soulful stepper’s cut

Bobby :       More Than Just A Friend
yet another project from maestro Robin Hannibal

Psapp :       Wet Salt
no clue, but I dig it.

Thomas Dybdahl :       This Love Is Here To Stay
Norwegian folk soul, perfect for lounging on a sheepskin rug in front of a fireplace, wineglass in hand, spooning your naked loved one.

Jungle :       The Heat &       Drops
understated psychedelic alt soul (with a dope accompanying music video)

Barnaby :       Fresh Made Lemonade
smoother than silk, make your girl forget Drake type of ish

John Mayer :       I Don't Trust Myself (With Loving You)
when I heard this song I had no clue who it was and that helped me get beyond the extremely douchey rep that this dude has. Maybe I’m an old man for loving this, but I consider it modern day yacht-rock done right. 


Missing Whiskey

Today marks day 23 without a single drop of alcohol for me. This may not sound like too difficult a task for many of you out there, but when you drink as often and as much as I do (I’ve put away a half bottle of Jameson to myself on certain nights), then the challenge becomes much more substantial. It certainly doesn’t help that I work in bars and clubs, surrounded by a free supply of beverages, and have been doing this since before I was of legal age. I’m not an alcoholic (thank god I didn’t get my grandpa’s genes for that), but I do seriously love drinking, and I plan to resume promptly when my one month challenge is up. How is this relevant to today’s musical selections? Well, this is most definitely NOT a party playlist. It could be that my increased sobriety has mellowed me out a bit, or it might also just be the nice summer breeze coming in my window. Either way, you get a seriously smoothed out set of soulful downtempo goodness to enjoy.

Close :       My Way (ft. Joe Dukie)

Banks :       Warm Water

A/T/O/S :       A Taste Of Struggle (Commodo Mix)

Colette :       When The Music's Loud

AlunaGeorge :       You Know You Like It (DJ Snake Remix)

Gossip :       Four Letter Word

Alpine :       Seeing Red

Rhye :       Open (Bondax Remix)

When Saints Go Machine :       IODINE (Robin Hannibal Remix)

Francis & The Lights :       ETC

  • Chuck

    I used to drink to drown my sorrows but they eventually learned to swim! Now I am a practising alcoholic! Good on you though, my Mom has been a proud member of AA for 43 years now!

  • Nikki

    I could float on this mix forever. And ever.

  • •••
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