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Brand Spanking New


This past weekend marked another full loop around the sun for me, and with a little help from my friends and fam and good music, I’m thankfully feeling brand spankin new! Got a full 3 days of celebrating in, including a nice overnight getaway to Joshua Tree for some wavy times around the campfire. Today’s batch of tunes should provide you with a nice balance of feel-good, head-nod, trip-out, and the obligatory touch of grime.

Pharrell :       Happy (NEUS Remix) &       Brand New ft. Justin Timberlake
this French electro house producer absolutely slayed skateboard P’s blissed out smash with some punchy funk, and how come more people aren’t playing this other song from GIRL?!? There’s also a nice reggae-ish cut with Alicia Keys on there that I’m not mad at.

Jaytee :       Thank You Remix ( Busta Rhymes x Q-tip x Alicia Myers )
this funky Aussie might snap your neck with his flip of this recent meeting of the minds (minus the Kanye). Always loved the Alicia Myers original…

Bondax :       Giving It All
poppy house vibes with a fish-hook chorus that won’t let go after one little nibble.

Cut Copy :       We Are Explorers
new new wave meistros do what they do best on this one.

Sharam Jey & Sirus Hood :       Picture Picture
cowbell heavy club stuff that makes the people bounce.

Duke Dumont ft. A*M*E :       Need U (100%)
deeper harder stronger late night house from Mr. Dumont

JD Samson & MEN :       Club Thang
another subversive banger from some perennial badasses

Shit Robot :       We Got A Love ft. Reggie Watts
get over the band name and lose yourself in the late night glory of this collabo with the talented Mr. Watts

Satin Jackets :       You Make Me Feel Good
shout out to regular reader Dangerscouse for the heads up on this one. Pure sunrise gold!

SBTRKT :       Resolute
while I have been underwhelmed by most of what I’ve heard by this guy since the self-titled album (with expectations that were undoubtedly set very high), there’s some beats on this new ep that are definitely making me want to hear more of the good good.



Mixtape Riot Radio: #010

Please excuse the lag in posts… hopefully this latest podcast, packed to the brim with goodies, will make up for it. As always, it’s an eclectic aural exploration. Travelling from South American future dub, to headnod-inducing indy soul, to global bass and funky house- I tried to connect the dots between a wide range of fresh new sounds in classic Mixtape Riot style. New songs from Tremor, Mayer Hawthorne, Misun, Banks, Atropolis, Uproot Andy, Superhumanoids and more. Don’t let the “back to school” sales scare you, it’s STILL SUMMER in Mixtape Riot-land.

Full tracklist and free download available here

Mixtape Riot #010 by Brooklyn Radio on Mixcloud

  • rob coppola

    hey Charlie,
    mate, many thanks for all the incredible tunes you put together, especially for the mixtape riot series. i’ve been a fan for just a few months, and can say I ‘m always hanging out for the next episode. i’m yet to be disappointed. Just downloaded #10 in advance of my family trip to Europe tomorrow(from Sydney). I plan to give it some serious attention, over the next couple of weeks . cheers Rob C

  • RM

    Same here Charlie – These are keeping me awake on my morning commute, and I’ve just downloaded 10 for a 4 hour plane journey.

    Many thanks, please keep it up!

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Missing Whiskey

Today marks day 23 without a single drop of alcohol for me. This may not sound like too difficult a task for many of you out there, but when you drink as often and as much as I do (I’ve put away a half bottle of Jameson to myself on certain nights), then the challenge becomes much more substantial. It certainly doesn’t help that I work in bars and clubs, surrounded by a free supply of beverages, and have been doing this since before I was of legal age. I’m not an alcoholic (thank god I didn’t get my grandpa’s genes for that), but I do seriously love drinking, and I plan to resume promptly when my one month challenge is up. How is this relevant to today’s musical selections? Well, this is most definitely NOT a party playlist. It could be that my increased sobriety has mellowed me out a bit, or it might also just be the nice summer breeze coming in my window. Either way, you get a seriously smoothed out set of soulful downtempo goodness to enjoy.

Close :       My Way (ft. Joe Dukie)

Banks :       Warm Water

A/T/O/S :       A Taste Of Struggle (Commodo Mix)

Colette :       When The Music's Loud

AlunaGeorge :       You Know You Like It (DJ Snake Remix)

Gossip :       Four Letter Word

Alpine :       Seeing Red

Rhye :       Open (Bondax Remix)

When Saints Go Machine :       IODINE (Robin Hannibal Remix)

Francis & The Lights :       ETC


Back East

freedom tower

Still feels like home: waiting for late night subways in sweltering heat, on platforms covered in the black funk of decades past, walking into art museums for the free AC, stumbling upon dope concerts in the park, the curious wonders of endless stoop sales. It was less than a handful of days, but I’m very glad I got to soak in some Summer in the city. Huge thanks to my man DJ Cato for putting together a great rooftop poolside bash in Soho on Sunday. It was amazing to catch up with so many old friends while taking in the gorgeous view- with a firework finish no less! Now I’m back out in the hinterland of New Hampshire for the 4th and beyond, but I had to give a little update with some new heaters I’ve been keeping in rotation. Also, big up to my homegirl in Manila DJ Christina Badkiss whose crates I jacked for a bunch of today’s tunes, expect a featured mix from her very soon!

Starfucker :       While I'm Alive catchy pop joint that verges on cheese, but keeps one foot on the funky side

Tuxedo :       So Good &       Do It new Mayer Hawthorne / Jake One collabo that is truly heaven sent. 80’s g-funk done right.

Bondax :       Gold (Moon Boots Remix) hipster house on the smooth side

Disclosure :       Help Me Lose My Mind &       When A Fire Starts To Burn without a doubt, one of the best albums of the year

Todd Terje :       Strandbar (Samba Version) so so good. New Summer anthem from the Nordic extended-groove meistro. The disco version of this tune is not to be missed either.

Stimming :       Funkworm tech house with a whole lot of flavor

James Fox :       Close Your Eyes beware, deep trance state is likely to occur around the 3.5 minute mark

ETML :       Bind Me funky UK bizniz from this young cat

Mark de Clive-Lowe ft. OmarĀ :       Get Started (Full Crate Remix) great bouncey rework from Full Crate

Wretch 32 ft. Shaka :       Blackout not sure what to call this? Dancehall, UK funky, bass, hip hop… how bout just “good music”